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Bringing contact tracing home: household changes enable a more accurate picture of performance
3rd December 2020
Covid-19 vaccine UK approval: The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning
2nd December 2020
UK Spending Review 2020: Unprecedented if not unexpected
25th November 2020
The battle for budgets may have been won, but what next for UK defence?
20th November 2020
Policy People: Justine Curran QPM
24th October 2020
Article: Whole Force By Design – Modernising an Ancient Concept
19th October 2020
Whole Force By Design: Optimising Defence to Meet Future Challenges
Whole Force sounds like an abstract term drawn from the defence dictionary. In reality, it refers to a simple and age-old idea: how can regular armed forces best be supported by industry, civilian reserves and contractors? Our new study tries to answer this question.
13th October 2020
Report launch - The Whole Force by Design: Optimising Defence to Meet Future Challenges
Event Invitation: Please join us for the launch of our ground-breaking report, produced in partnership with KCL’s Centre for Defence Studies: ‘The Whole Force by Design: Optimising Defence to Meet Future Challenges’. Our expert panel – drawn from the military, politics, industry, and academia – will discuss the key recommendations of the report and how these can help deliver military effects in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way. We look forward to welcoming you.
8th October 2020
Policy People: Lord Laming of Tewin
Policy People is the Serco Institute’s series of interviews with key figures from across the international public sector landscape.
16th September 2020
Opinion Feature: Commissioning after coronavirus
Elizabeth Chamberlain, Head of Policy & Public Services at NCVO, asks what the 'new normal' should look like for voluntary sector commissioning.
27th August 2020
Michael Gove gives Ditchley Annual Lecture on 'The privilege of public service'
1st July 2020
Analysis: Michael Gove's lecture on 'The privilege of public service'
The criticality of evidence, inclusion, experimentation and innovation in public services: The Serco Institute analyses Saturday’s speech by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and considers its implications for public and private sector partners.
30th June 2020
UK Government publishes Outsourcing Playbook Version 2.0
UK Government publishes Outsourcing Playbook Version 2.0
10th June 2020
Institute for Government: Carillion - Two Years On
Two years after the collapse of Carillion, and a year after the government published its Outsourcing Playbook, this report provides a stocktake of whether changes have been implemented
5th March 2020
Panel appearance: transparency in outsourcing
On Thursday 27th February, Institute Director Kate Steadman contributed to an important panel on transparency in outsourcing.
28th February 2020
Roundtable: (Out)sourcing Playbook V2.0
The Institute was delighted to co-host a seminar on the (Out)sourcing Playbook, with guest speakers from Government and the private sector.
14th February 2020
Blog: Is this the Public Service Parliament?
Amongst the new MPs’ fascinating backgrounds, there is a strong and consistent theme of service, particularly in the public sector. This bodes positively for a post-Brexit, technology-driven world in which innovative ways of designing and delivering public services will be more important, perhaps, than at any time since the creation of the modern welfare state.
7th January 2020
Institute Event & Article: ‘Social Value – More Questions than Answers?’.
3rd December 2019
View: Social value is the latest frontier for public procurement and value for money
Social value is the value attributed to economic, social and environmental outcomes that tangibly contribute to the well-being, resilience and sustainability of society and the wider environment. Through policy. (Source: paconsutling via
18th November 2019
News: Sector bodies join forces to help smaller charities bid for public services
The NCVO, Acevo and the Lloyds Bank Foundation have established Rebalancing the Relationship to adjust the relationship between large and small charities in bidding for public services contracts. (Source:
18th November 2019
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