Launch of the Serco Institute in the Middle East

The Serco Institute launched today in the Middle East with its first report focused on government services in Saudi Arabia.

We work to help governments develop the next generation of public service solutions for citizens. We do this through developing research and insight on public services internationally and through trialling innovation in service design. This first report in the Middle East is the next step for the Institute as it seeks to undertake research across the globe.

The Serco Institute’s new report, Transformation, digitisation & happiness: Public opinion on government services in Saudi Arabia, analyses a first-of-a-kind survey of citizens and residents. People were asked a range of questions, including whether they preferred to access services in-person or digitally, how the quality of services impacts their overall happiness, and how they feel services could improve going forward. You can read the full report here.

On launching in the Middle East, Serco Institute Director Kate Steadman said:

“The Serco Institute is working to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing public services across the world. With population and technological change, budgetary pressures, and the demands of citizens transforming, the drivers for change relating to government services are accelerating across the world. Perhaps more than ever before, there is a need and appetite for innovation in service design and delivery.

“Through international policy expertise, in-depth research and the trialing of new methods of service delivery, we are aiming to help governments create the services of the future.

“Our launch in the Middle East highlights our commitment to enhancing the design and delivery of government services in the region.”

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