Policy People: Justine Curran QPM

Police headlights

Policy People is the Serco Institute’s series of interviews with key figures from across the international public sector landscape.

This time we talked to former senior UK police leader Justine Curran QPM, who gave us some fascinating insights into how policy changed frontline policing during her thirty-year career. Interviewed in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Curran also considers the nature of crisis policing, recalling her experience leading counter-terrorism and public order operations.

Recently stepping down from the frontline, Ms Curran was responsible for counterterrorism in North-West England from 2007, and then headed police forces in both England and Scotland, as Chief Constable of Tayside (2010-13) and then Humberside (2013-17).

From the role of technology in modern policing, to the steps needed for greater equality, Ms Curran’s personal and professional reflections on the changing face of policing are an important insight into how policy and practice interact.

Click here to read our interview with Justine Curran QPM

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