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News: Smart Cities Initiatives around the World Are Improving Citizens' Lives
Examples of smart management include monitoring and managing: traffic and transportation systems, power and water supply networks, waste management systems, information systems, schools, libraries, and hospitals. (Source:
16th August 2019
New thinking: Bryden Wood touts ‘prison of the future’ design
It said the design, which removes bars from cell windows by the use of tougher glass and which adopts a Scandinavian approach to rehabilitation and institutionalisation, represented “the biggest redesign of prisons since the Victorian era”. (Source:
16th August 2019
News: Boris Johnson pledges £100m to beef up prison security
The money will go toward airport-style technology, including X-ray scanners and metal detectors, to prevent drugs, weapons and mobile phones getting into jails, and strengthening the Counter Corruption Unit. The spending is in addition to £70m announced last year for the same purpose. (Source:
15th August 2019
News: Scottish government launches new cloud procurement framework
The cloud procurement framework is part of the Scottish government’s efforts to give access to the public sector organisations and charities operating in the region to IT resources that are hosted locally, are sustainable, and offered by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). (Source:
15th August 2019
New thinking: Smart procurement for smart cities
With limited resources and little room for failure, choosing the right procurement strategy has been crucial for U.S. cities to stay ahead of the innovation curve. (Source:
14th August 2019
Views: Former inmate explains how much good would come from removing prison window bars
The psychological imprint of prison bars can have a longer lasting impact than the term served and the image of bars in the free world are synonymous with prison. (Source:
14th August 2019
Views: How AI can transform hospital revenue cycle management
Many hospitals and health systems are already leveraging AI to improve care, support clinical decisions and boost clinician satisfaction. However, the role of AI in healthcare isn't limited to the clinical experience. The same technology can transform nonclinical processes. (Source:
13th August 2019
New thinking: Inmate Rewards For Respectful Guards Can Help Curb Prison Violence
Prisons can be made safer by granting inmates the opportunity to reward staff for being “respectful, helpful and professional”, according to a new report. (Source:
13th August 2019
New thinking: AI emerging as healthcare leaders' top toolset for reducing risk
Healthcare leaders working for provider organisations and medical societies see AI as the best emerging technology for reducing risk. Meanwhile they see online media as the riskiest technology. (Source:
12th August 2019
News: Malaysian Government to improve prison-private sector collaboration to tackle overcrowding
The Malaysian Home Ministry is looking to further enhance the Prison Department's existing Corporate Smart Internship (CSI) programme to better improve parolees' reintegration into society and tackle prison overcrowding, as part of the government's ongoing prison reforms. (Source:
12th August 2019
News: Consortium signs contract for two monorail lines in Egypt
Perfect for congested cities needing a fast and cost-effective mass transit solution, the monorail project in Cario will provide greater mobility for Egyptian citizens. (Source:
12th August 2019
Story: prison choirs are transforming lives
Liberty Choir has inspired hundreds of Wandsworth prisoners through 250 weekly sessions where volunteers and prisoners sing alongside one another. Many of those have since escaped the cycle of crime and punishment. (Source:
12th August 2019
New thinking: California Prisons try Rehab Before Release
California tries new rehabilitation programme before inmates are released. The educational process participants undergo has many parts, with participating inmates acknowledging wrong choices and the value of "self-work." Source:
7th August 2019
Story: Prisoners Unlearn The Toxic Masculinity That Led To Their Incarceration
A former inmate (in North California) is a facilitator of a prison rehabilitation program that teaches men about gender roles and how ingrained ideas of masculinity have contributed to their violent crimes. GRIP, or Guiding Rage into Power, started at San Quentin State Prison in 2013 and has expanded to five state prisons across California. Source:
7th August 2019
News: Group to leverage AI, supercomputers for smart city planning
As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in governments evolves, researchers are looking to supercomputer modeling to assess how the technology can help predict smart city innovations and impact the future. Source:
7th August 2019
Story: Ghanaians asked to embrace local community justice systems
Ghanaians and Africans encouraged to embrace local community justice systems as an alternative in resolving disputes. (Source:
5th August 2019
News: Scottish transport strategy to be a catalyst for change
The Scottish Government has published a new National Transport Strategy for consultation, which it described as a step-change in the country’s approach to transport for the next 20 years. (Source:
5th August 2019
View: Prison reform group calls for end to ‘long-term’ solitary confinement
Two-dozen prison reform activists recently rallied at Department of Corrections headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, pushing for changes to solitary confinement and calling for an inquiry into alleged “abuses” at one corrections facility. (Source:
5th August 2019
View: What Britain’s private prisons can teach public ones
Nearly two-fifths of jails are assessed as “of concern” or “serious concern”, the lowest of four ratings, in the latest figures. None are privately run. (source:
2nd August 2019
New Thinking: 5G - The catalyst connected cities have been waiting for?
Each new evolution in technology inevitably brings about a chicken-and-egg scenario: will the capability spur application development, or will the development drive demand for increased capability? (source:
1st August 2019
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