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Our method


We work collaboratively and through partnerships with government, the private sector, academia, the VCS sector, and with citizens to develop thinking and co-create innovation that drives citizen-centred, outcome-focused, cost-effective public service solutions.

We channel global thinking from a wide variety of publicly-motivated experts and organisations along with citizen experience to establish where gaps in effective public service delivery exist.  

We crowd-source intelligence from across society to:

  • Scan for public service challenges and identify key public sector priorities 
  • Develop ideas and responses using our own innovation methodology
  • Test & prototype solutions in real life public service environments
  • Publish and disseminate research for public benefit

We keep our reach broad and through working with a multitude of organisations and perspectives we aim to facilitate a cross-sectoral approach that is capable of fostering better and more integrated public services. 

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Our people

We are strategic thinkers with international experience across policy, innovation and public service delivery. We are dedicated to the transformation of public services.

The future of public services
Our mission is to help enable governments to develop the next generation of public service solutions for citizens through research and innovation in service design.