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Our people

Kate Steadman


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Kate has worked full time in public policy development and public service delivery for the last 15 years. On graduating from Cambridge University, Kate spent a significant part of her early career working in politics and the public sector, advising senior politicians on the reform and development of policy, with a particular focus on the fields of criminal justice, home affairs, legal affairs, prisons and probation.

Since then Kate has also worked in senior roles for several listed private sector organisations specialising in the redesign and delivery of public services globally and across several sectors including justice, defence, transport and health. Most recently, Kate is the Group Strategy and Communications Director for Serco Group plc, and sits on the Global Group Executive Committee.  Kate’s focus throughout her career has been on public service innovation for better outcomes.


Laurence Marzell

Innovation Lead

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Laurence joined Serco Group plc over a decade ago and has been working on research and innovation projects across the UK and Europe. He has developed a unique framework for innovation that enables a collaborative approach to solving public sector problems that can be used across sectors and stakeholders to create common societal outcomes. His innovation framework has been adopted for projects spanning transformation in policing, societal resilience, and satellite earth observation data in both the UK and in Europe.

Laurence pursues a collective approach to the planning and delivery of public services across public, private, and voluntary sector stakeholders with the citizen and community being the key focus. He will be leading the design, implementation and delivery of innovation within specific projects in order to develop new solutions and thinking that can be used to guide policy and service delivery.


The future of public services
Our mission is to help enable governments to develop the next generation of public service solutions for citizens through research and innovation in service design.